About Galatea Effect

YOU are Galatea.
SHE is Galatea.
I am Galatea.
Galatea is the best part of yourself.
You choose your own limits. Galatea is what you can become exactly when you decide to exceed those limits.

About Galatea and Pygmalion

There's an ancient Greek myth about Pygmalion, a sculptor who had given up on real human contact (specifically with women). He created a statue, Galatea. The statue was so perfect, so life-like, that he fell in love with it. The goddess Aphrodite appreciated his love for the statue and brought it to life! 

Even though the gods had a hand in bringing Pygmalion's statue to life, his work really became a self-fulfilling prophecy: he believed in and loved his statue so much that it came to life. The myth is important in leadership and employee performance improvement. If somebody believes that he can succeed, he probably will.

Galatea Effect

The Galatea effect is a phenomenon where people's own opinions about their ability and self-worth influence their performance. The Galatea effect is self-driven as you are. It is that part of one's motivation that depends on self-expectations and self-worth. 

Galatea is the best part of yourself, the one you want to show and the one that is influencing others regarding their opinion on you. You can drive your dreams reach them. We know it. You should do it too.